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How to install digital Bob Ross brushes for Paintstorm

How to install my Bob Ross brushes. First you can download the brushes from my site. The link is at the top of the subscribe page.

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13 de set. de 2022

Hey! I use both paintstorm and Adobe and was wondering if I could use these brushes in Adobe for my work as well. I LOVE these brushes and really hope I can use them on both. So, do you happen to know if they are compatible? Thanks!


Kevin Eriksson
Kevin Eriksson
01 de jan. de 2021

I currently have a problem with these brushes. ive downloaded them and put them in my paintstorm map in my files. after that ive moved to import brushes then add and then i have selected the file. here is where my problem occurs. the paintstorm app freezes for a few seconds like its downloading the brushes but they dont appear in my program. i cant seem to find them anywhere.

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