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Hi, I’m Neil, the art instructor. Welcome to my professional, free drawing and painting lessons. Also, here you will find my best selling Udemy courses with over 102,00 students. Below is my best selling course with over 101,000 students and growing quickly.
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Check out the free drawing lesson below to see if you enjoy my teaching style. 


“Hey, I had to write you to tell you how awesome your courses are. I bought the figure and head one, and wow, I can actually draw from my mind now. It took a little while to get through both courses because I did all the exercises. I am so happy I found your courses. They are the best. I went to art college, and I couldn’t even get a job after I spent all that money. I have followed your free tutorials, purchased your courses, and now I draw for a living!” –John Wilson

My Book on how to draw figures

My Vampire Novel

How to draw figures
Bending Nature vampire nove

My Free Graphic Novel

Aditi Reborn sci-fi city

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At this site you will find, free drawing lessons, drawing tutorials, free photoshop tutorials, how to draw manga, how to draw, how to draw a cartoon, Draw a Girl, and Draw cartoon people. You want to learn how to draw, so get to it! Most of your are probably convinced enough already to at least view one of my free video tutorials that teach you how to draw a cartoon, or how to draw manga, or how to draw a girl, or how to draw figures, etc, but just in case you aren’t here is more. Did I say it’s free? You just click on the Drawing Lessons link at the top and then drawing, painting, or photo editing. Start watching a video that interests you. If my teaching style doesn’t teach you anything, then … wait, no then. You will learn something.

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